A downloadable game

A virtual pet simulator! Play games, buy things, and keep your pet alive. Yaaaay?

I came up with the idea a few weeks before Ludum Dare 34. I really wanted to make a virtual pet sim, but held off. I knew Ludum Dare was around the corner, and figured I could put the idea on the backburner until then.

LD34 came around, and I voted yes on only two themes, "Growing" and "Two Button Controls" I figured if one of them was chosen, I'd make this game.

When the results came in, and I saw that they both tied, I figured I had to jam. This is the result. I'm considering working more on this, if people like it. Enjoy!

Game by @tonycoculuzzi
Audio by @isyourguy

Z + X

Z acts like a 'confirm' button
X acts like a 'next' button

I'll be changing this to a 3-button game some time soon. The reason it only has two buttons, is because that was a restraint for the gamejam. It was a cool restraint, but I feel like it really hinders gameplay, so I'll be changing it.

Your noa noa is persistent! If you leave the page or close the game, your data will be saved, allowing you to continue playing later!